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From Danios to Discus, Fish Bowls to Filters, Light Bulbs to Live Plants and everything in between, we have it all. Aquariums and fish come in all shapes and sizes and just like a piece of art; they can transform any room in your house. Whether you’re just a beginner or an experienced hobbyist our fish room has what you need.


Our Fish:

  • South American & African Cichlids
  • Freshwater Sharks, Loaches & Catfish
  • Bettas, Gouramis, Tetras & Barbs
  • Livebearers, Plecostomus, Snails & Shrimps

Our Products:

  • Fluval, Aquaclear & Seapora
  • Tropical & Seachem
  • Omega, Northfin & Hikari Frozen Foods
  • Tropica, Biorb & Aqueon