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NEW! – QuickFix Pond Gummy

By April 1, 2022Pond











QuickFix Pond Gummy

Are you struggling to enjoy your beautiful backyard pond due to dirty, cloudy water that never seems to go away?

Aquascape QuickFix Pond Gummy is the ideal solution to your pond troubles!

The all-in-one formula directly targets common harmful compounds such as ammonia, nitrites and phosphates.

It also helps to clear pond water by controlling and managing organic waste and debris that falls into the water.

The unique gummy solution is quick and easy to use, dissolving slowly as it releases into the water.

One gummy treats a pond up to 3000 gallons in size.


  • Helps clear cloudy pond water
  • Unique, slow dissolving gummy
  • Controls organic waste
  • Targets harmful ammonia, nitrite and phosphate
  • Treats a pond up to 3000 gallons in size

ONLY $9.99 EACH!