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NEW! – Cichlid Stones

By February 12, 2021Fish











Ideal for a wide variety of tropical fish, specifically African and South American cichlids, the Seapora Big Rock Cichlid Stones help to provide an authentic atmosphere that encourages your fish to behave as they  would in their natural environments. These hand-glazed pieces are incredibly durable and carefully molded, forged and superheated at 2100° to provide stunning, high-fire ceramic stones. To provide an even more natural landscape in your aquarium, each one of the stones are completely unique with no two being the same, varying in shape, size, depth and texture.

The stones themselves are hollow to provide a secure, stress-free space for your fish to breed, rest or just to hang out in. The stones can be stacked or piled up to create customizable rock formations, similar to the ones found in the African Rift Lakes where many of your favorite cichlids are found.

$19.99 EACH OR 3 FOR $49.99